Community Report 2022






Download: Oxley Christian College Community Report 2022

The Community Report is published at the end of June each year, reporting on the previous year.

The College has many policies and procedures relating to all aspects of the College operations. A limited number is included below. Another set of policies and guideline documents are provided within the parent portal. Other documents are accessed by staff through the school network.

Guiding Documents

School Aims
Vision and Mission Statement
Our Christian Values
Statement of Faith LMC
Business Statement

Documents for Students

Anti Bullying Handout
Student use of ICT Facilities

Forms and Practical Information

Bell Times
Volunteer Guideline and Agreement
Student Drivers Policy and Permission Form
Private Instrumental Music Application
BPOINT Terms and Conditions


Privacy Policy
General Welfare and Safety Policy
Enrolments and Admissions Policy
Resolution of Complaints and Appeals Policy
Student Management Policy
Student Uniform Policy
Visitors Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Child Safe Standards

Child Safety Officers
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy
Child Safe Code of Conduct
Student Child Safe Program Code of Conduct
Child Safety Reporting Process Guideline
Child Safe Standards – Incident Report