Year 10 Aqua Camp

We were very thankful that the Year 10 Camp was able to go ahead and we enjoyed the best weather for this camp in 5 or so years. An unexpected and lengthy fireworks display, clearly visible from a private function at the nearby Point Leo estate on the first night, was an extra blessing, as were the mild evenings that enabled comfortable time spent outside. The students fully embraced the range of activities in their chosen activity stream as they encouraged each other when challenged, solidified friendships after a difficult 2 years, and also formed new friendships through mixing with their peers.
Whether it was success in standing on a surfboard to ride a wave into shore, learning some of the skills of sailing or handling a power boat, overcoming apprehension in breathing underwater or in undertaking some other new activity, or just feeling more a part of the year level, I am sure that every student was able to come away with positive outcomes from their time at camp. It was a pleasure to take this cohort of students away for an exhausting 4 days and I trust that their experiences will remain strong in their memories. I especially thank all the staff who took time away from their own commitments to accompany the activity groups and assist throughout the week and who without, this camp would never be possible.
- Nicole Latham (Year 10 Coordinator)