Year 10

Year 10

This year level brings a whole new set of experiences for students.  At the amazing Aqua Camp, students choose to undertake the SCUBA, surfing or boating streams, and all experience sailing and snorkelling as a part of their program.  Many students ‘fast-track’ into VCE by studying one Year 11 subject and all work toward being more independent in their management of their studies.  The Careers subject assists students to investigate their talents and interests, which they can then use to guide their choice of work experience at the end of Term 2.  Resumés are developed and experience is gained in the interview process through the Job Search Day.  One day spent volunteering with Melba Services helps students to appreciate the challenges of the disabled community and the dedication of the workers in this field.  The formal ballroom dancing lessons in the lead-up to the Year 10 Formal Dinner is another highlight for students.  Leadership opportunities are available in sport and academic faculties, and students continue to be supported pastorally by their teachers as they are encouraged to seek God in all that they do.


  • Art
  • Careers
  • Chinese 2nd Language
  • Christian Studies
  • Coaching And Advanced Fitness
  • Drama
  • EAL (English as an Additional Language)
  • English
  • Food Studies
  • Foundation Accounting (EAL students only)
  • Foundation Biology
  • Foundation Chemistry
  • Foundation English (Local students only)
  • Foundation Physics
  • General Science
  • Geography 1 – Environmental Change
  • Geography 2 – Global Awareness
  • German
  • History 1 – Extreme Events
  • History 2 – 20th Century
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics (three streams)
  • Money, Markets and the Law
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Physical Education
  • Sport
  • Sports Analysis
  • Visual Communication Design

VCE Subjects and Fast Tracking

Students who are performing well in Year 9 may begin to study one VCE subject for the whole of Year 10. A range of subjects will be offered based on class availability.