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Astounding Response to Book Week Celebrations!

At 8.30am on Thursday 26 August, Mrs Sernio’s email crashed with the mad influx of photos being sent. Bing! Bing! Bing! There were over 150 emails with photos galore! This set her into a frenzy as she tried to answer calls and deal with the incredible response from the school community.

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Prep’s Celebrate 100 Days of Prep!

We had so much fun celebrating 100 Days of School! It was great to see so many students dressing up like they were 100 years old. Our classrooms were transformed into a party room with so many colourful decorations. We even took home a balloon covered with stars. 

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Lower Primary students settle in to their new building.

Prep – Year 2 students have settled in the new Junior School buildings, adjusting well to this exciting and modern learning environment. At the time of writing, we are preparing for the imminent move of Year 3 – 6 students and staff to their state-of-the-art classrooms.

June 30, 2021 Read more

Anzac Day Dawn Service to honour those who serve.

“One of the events I most look forward to each year is our annual ANZAC Day service. Quite apart from the fact that this is an important day on the national calendar, it is an opportunity for our students to shine in many ways.

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Junior 3 – 6 Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday 9 March, we enjoyed a day full of energy and sportsmanship at the Year 3 – 6 House Athletics. Despite the cooler temperatures and early rain, our students participated in a myriad of events, earning points for their House.

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Senior Swimming Carnival

The House Swimming Carnival was held at the Croydon Memorial Outdoor Swimming Pool on Wednesday 24 February. We were blessed with perfect weather and there was a great atmosphere with Houses competing in and outside the pool for top honours. Tabor Trojans (White House) were victorious in claiming the House Swimming trophy after coming second to Gibeon Warriors (Red House) last year!

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Senior Years Production – Mary Poppins

We have been overjoyed to be able to present Mary Poppins The Broadway Musical. Our Producer/Director, Claire Hogan, the production team, cast and crew have all put in an enormous effort to bring to us a performance of very high standards again.

February 25, 2021 Read more

Prep’s First Day

It was indeed a pleasure to meet our Prep parents at morning tea after drop off on the first day. It was lovely to see parents forging new friendships and celebrating a successful transition to school. The Prep students have loved their first week at school, settling well.

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Year 12 Graduation Evening

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2020! We celebrated at a wonderful evening with our Year 12 students as they graduated as the Class of 2020 on Tuesday 8 December. We’d also like to send our congratulations to Zoe Sibley who was awarded Dux for the class of 2020!

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