2023 VCE Results

Oxley Christian College commends the Class of 2023 for their exceptional results. The VCE Results of 2023
were excellent with our students being well-rewarded for their efforts, hard work and dedication. The Oxley
Class of 2023, with an average study score of 33.5 has been ranked number 55 in all of Victoria. 
Notably, 25% of our students received an ATAR of 90 or higher and 55% of 80 or higher.
Our Dux Thomas Steuart received an ATAR of 99.90 which is the second highest possible score for a VCE result.
We are so grateful to have been a part of Tom's educational journey, what an amazing result. Tom is now looking to
head onto a Biomedicine/Engineering pathway.

Joining Thomas in our top 3 achievers is Jenny Zhou with an ATAR of 99.10, another outstanding
result. Jenny intends to pursue a course in Arts/Law.

Our 3rd highest achiever is Bailey Groves with yet another amazing result of 98.30. Bailey
intends to study Biomedical Science.

We ask you all to join us in prayer and thanksgiving for the Class of 2023 and for the bright futures ahead of them.