Is this a real House Carnival?

It sure Is!

We may not be able to have all of our House Carnivals this year, or have them in the way that we are used to - but this is a fully official House Carnival that will contribute towards the overall winning of the Oxley House Trophy for 2020

How are Medals awarded?

A maximum of TWO people from each House, in each Year Level are eligible for a Medal (that will stop one House from dominating a certain event and taking all of the point)

Some events are measured, like counting push ups or in some of the Quiz's.
Other events are judged by teachers objectively.

How many points are the Medals worth?

Here is a breakdown of the points system:

  • Gold Medal = 10 points
  • Silver Medal = 8 Points
  • Bronze Medal = 5 points
  • Merit Medal = 2 points
  • Wellbeing Medal = 2 points (1 point per Wellbeing Challenge you complete, each student can earn a maximum of two points for completing Wellbeing Challenges)

Are there bonus points?

Yes! You could win Bonus Points for your House for showing your House Spirit (take a photo or video an upload it via the House Spirit Event page)

How many events can I enter?

Enter as many as you like!
This is about having fun, doing activities you like, being competitive, trying new things...

We do ask that you make sure that your classes and learning tasks are still your top priority though

Can female students do push ups on their knees?

Yes they can.

Female student can choose to do the push ups from on their knees rather than on their toes. For counting, every push up on your toes will be worth two pushups on your knees.

Monica does 12 push ups on her toes, Phoebe does 20 push up on her knees.
Phoebe's 20 knee push ups are worth 10 toe push ups.
Monica would be ranked higher than Phoebe.

Can the Song Cover be a duet?


As long as it is between students in the same year level in the same House

Can the Song Cover be instrumental only?