Junior School Music

Junior School Music

We offer students many opportunities to develop in the Performing Arts. Classes are held in our beautiful Broadley Performing Arts Centre. All students in Prep to Year 6 participate in both Music and Drama classes as part of their classroom curriculum.

All students in Year 2 will have the opportunity to learn to play a string instrument (violin, viola or cello). They are taught their chosen stringed instrument in small groups and a full class ensemble. Parents are invited to attend performances to witness their child’s musical development.

All students in Years 5 and 6 participate in a band program, where they receive instruction in instrument specific groups and a whole year group band. In Year 5, students choose a woodwind (flute, clarinet or saxophone), brass (trumpet or trombone) or percussion instrument. They continue learning this instrument as part of the program in Years 6 and 7. Parents are invited to attend performances by the year group bands.