College History

Oxley Christian College is a Christian school, founded by Life Ministry Centre as a ministry expression of the church. It opened in Warranwood in 1979 with 89 students in Prep to Year 8. The College was relocated to the current site in Chirnside Park in 1983.

The founding Pastor of Life Ministry Centre (LMC), H.K. Oxley (OBE), stated in 1983, “Our aim is to produce a sound, academically trained person with a Christian foundation specifically in regard to standards, behaviour and absolutes; in short, a balanced, stable, mature and useful citizen of our community.

The Senior Pastor of Life Ministry Centre is Pastor Graham Nelson.

Visit the LMC website at www.lmc.org.au

When the College was founded in 1979, it was with two key objectives: to achieve the highest academic standards and to do so within a non-denominational, distinctively Christian environment.  Still deeply committed to its founding principles, Oxley is widely recognised both for the excellence of its teaching and for the outstanding academic performance of its Year 12 students, of whom the majority gain entry each year into the university programs of their choice.

At the heart of the Oxley experience are Christian perspectives and values (refer to the School Aims and Statement of Faith below), which underpin all aspects of the College program. Every member of the highly qualified teaching staff is committed to the Christian ethos. Each student is encouraged in the development of a deep and enduring personal faith, accompanied by respect for oneself as a unique creation of God, and by respect and compassion for others.

The College seeks also to identify and nurture the individual student’s talents, which are valued, cherished and encouraged as special, God-given gifts.

The College attracts students from diverse cultures and backgrounds – including a number of students from overseas. The College community welcomes all students and families who embrace the school’s ethos and objectives.

The College values and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy, including a commitment to elected government, the rule of law and equal rights for all before the law.  We are also committed to and enjoy freedom of religion, speech and association.  Our College community practices and actively promotes the values of openness and tolerance.