Christian Values

Our Christian Values

As a Christian body committed to our faith…

  • we worship God
    • because he has demonstrated His love to us and deserves our highest praise
  • we seek to model the life of Christ
    • because through Christ, God has shown us how he wants us to live
  • we uphold the Biblical standards of truth, goodness and beauty
    • because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word
  • we rely on prayer and the Holy Spirit
    • because we believe that God has provided these as a means of relating with Him
  • we spread the Good News and seek ways to serve God
    • because we believe that all people should have the opportunity to respond to the love of God and make the world a better place in which to live

As individuals…

  • we act with integrity, self-control & humility
    • because we believe that God is just and holds us accountable for our actions
  • we practice moral values such as honesty, patience, justice & mercy
    • because we believe that God wants us to follow His example of righteousness
  • we base our relationships on love, forgiveness & reconciliation
    • because we believe that we should follow the example of Christ’s love for us
  • we aspire to excellence and wisdom in the use of our abilities and talents for the benefit of others
    • because we believe that these are gifts entrusted to us by God

As members of the community…

  • we seek to discover who we are and our place in the universe
    • because we believe that we learn about God through his creation
  • we value the uniqueness of individuals and provide a nurturing, caring environment
    • because we are all precious in God’s sight
  • we show respect, tolerance and live in harmony with others
    • because we believe in the equal right of all people to live in peace
  • we help those in need from a sense of compassion
    • because we believe that we should love one another
  • we seek ways to sacrificially serve the community
    • because we follow Christ’s example of serving others

As mankind…

  • we have a hope for the future
    • because we believe that we are created by God and redeemed by Jesus Christ