Samaritan Purse's Ukraine Response

The situation in Ukraine is devastating. There are a lot of people suffering in many ways and as a student body, we felt we wanted to do something, in whatever capacity we could, to help.

On Friday 18 March, a fundraiser was organised to raise funds for Samaritan Purse’s Ukraine response. Students were encouraged to wear a blue or yellow item, the colours of Ukraine’s flag, to show our support to the people caught up in the conflict, not of their choosing. We note, we are not supporting the political conflict.

In total, $6,502.50 was raised! We are so proud and grateful to the Oxley students and families for their generosity in donating to Samaritan’s Purse. Please continue to pray over the people of Ukraine as they suffer through this war and that the money raised will bring assistance where it is most needed.

- Sophie & Mattias (Oxley Christian College Senior School Captains).