11.30AM -2.30PM


Discover an Oxley Christian education where each child is equipped and nurtured to be resilient in any challenge, inspired in their learning, and ready to apply their skills in every aspect of their schooling and beyond. 

Our junior school

Immerse yourself in our Junior School on Open Day with our activities and displays.


-Come meet with our caring and outstanding staff

-Check out the modern and bright learning facilities

-Let your child be inspired by our music program

Our middle school

This year we are introducing our new state-of-the-art Middle School Building.


-Explore our new pristine facilities and attend the Opening Ceremony

-Learn about how Oxley prepares students for life with our Spiritual, Well-being, and Careers services.

Our senior school

Observe how our students flourish in their pursuit of mastery in their final years.


-Hands-on scientific exhibits highlighting our commitment to quality STEM education.

-Explore how our students can excel in a wide range of fields with displays featuring Visual Arts, Performance, Music, Food Studies, IT, Science, Literacy, and More.

Can't make it? Why not book one of our "School at Work" or Prep tour and information sessions?