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7 August 7.30pm

8 August 7.30pm

9 August 7.30pm

10 August 2.00pm

10 August 7.30pm

Broadley Performing Arts Centre
Oxley Christian College
15-49 Old Melbourne Road
Chirnside Park VIC 3116


Embark on an exciting adventure with Charlie Bucket into the mysterious factory of the enigmatic Willy Wonka. A place where dreams are wrapped in foil and imagination sprinkles like sugar dust. 

Witness the whimsical escapades of Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, and Mike Teavee, as they each discover that in Wonka’s world, more than sweets are on the line. 


It’s a delightful tale of curiosity, consequences, and the shared joy of discovery that unites us all. A charming adventure for the young and young at heart!


Tickets are now closed for Opening Night. Very limited tickets remain for other sessions.

Until Opening Night!


Willy Wonka

Keishi Sasuga

Charlie Bucket

Cindy Chen

Grandpa Joe

Wil Armstrong

Mrs. Bucket

Alannah Moulton

Augustus Gloop

Finn Destry

Mrs Gloop

Lucy Destry

Veruca Salt

Daniella Hupertz

Mr Salt

Caleb Percy

Violet Beauregarde

Sharntai Niemann

Mr Beauregarde

Simon Wang

Mike Teavee

Jack Deakin

Mrs Teavee

Jessica Graham

Grandma Georgina

Chloe Van Den Broek

Grandpa George

Jett Schaeche

Grandma Josephine

Stella Lantry

Mr Bucket

Roman Young


Michaela Hupertz


Cristian Rivet

Mrs Green

Eliza McGregor

Gum Chompin' Divas

Yana Irani
Rachel Jansen
Nicole Moses


Isaac Armstrong
Micah Atkinson
Nicholas Bruton
Man Yan Fong
Charlotte Geoghegan-Biggar
Hayley Graham
Trinity Hayde
Imagen Howarth
Michaela Hupertz
Yana Irani
Mahi Jain
Rachel Jansen
Lucinda Jenes
Roshni Jha
Stella Lantry
Daniel Leong
Eliza McGregor
Amelia McLeod
Nicole Moses
Bryce Moulton

Alannah Moulton
James Pong
Cristian Rivet
Jett Schaeche
Tori Seeney
Aria Shambrook
Chloe Skipworth
Jess Summerscales
Jesse Thorpe
Jing Tian
Ruby Van Den Broek
Chloe Van Den Broek
Georgia Van Der Poel
Jove van Gaalen
Eden Want
Scarlett Webber
Roman Young
Anna Yuriev
Zara Zeeman
Henry Zhao

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