Second Hand Book Service

Second Hand Book Service

Oxley parents are now invited to sell or purchase their second hand books via the Sustainable School Shop website.  We would encourage parents to take full advantage of this opportunity as the Sustainable School Shop are offering Oxley parents free access until August 2012.  This online service will assist you in purchasing/selling books in readiness for 2012 and also throughout the year, simply:

  • Click on the Sustainable School Shop link below.
  • Register and nominate Oxley as your child’s school during registration.  This is essential in order to receive your free family membership until August 2012.
  • Login and click on the ‘Textbook Trading System’ button in the Navbar.
  • List all your ‘For Sale’ advertisements.  Oxley’s booklists will be loaded onto the system to make the ad listing process easy and accurate.  (The booklist for next year will be loaded by mid November)
  • Work out how much you wish to sell the books for:
    • As new/excellent – 50-70% of new price
    • Good condition – 30-50% of new price
    • Fair condition – 20-30% of new price
  • The system matches the advertisements of buyers and sellers and notifies the buyer (wanted advertisements) via email.
    • Exact Match: means it is the correct book from another parent from your school, matched on ISBN and school.
    • Close Match: means it could be the correct book from your school or another nearby school.
  • Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade.  Receipts can be printed for your 2011/2012 Tax Return.

Please contact Sustainable School Shop direct with any queries as they have excellent telephone and email help-lines.  Contact details are:

Sustainable School Shop Pty Ltd
PO Box 77
Phone:  1300 683 337


PFA Second Hand Books Swap Meet

The PFA will hold a ‘swap meet’, in order to facilitate a time where parents who have sold books vis the Sustainable School Shop, can meet and finalise their transactions.

Wednesday, 30th November 2011
8am – 10am & 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Mezzanine Level of Oxley Stadium