Tertiary Guidance

Oxley College - International student program - Study In Australia!

Students completing Year 12 in Australia now have a diversity of career paths to choose from. Whilst the majority of International students choose University to pursue degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Science, Information Technology, Business, Accounting and the Arts, others have followed alternative courses of study such as Tourism, Hospitality and IT at TAFE and other educational institutions. With the availability of and an increase in the number of alternative educational institutions (including TAFE), there are many choices facing graduating students.

Our Careers staff are expertly qualified and will carefully advise students on the choice of subjects, to ensure they meet the entrance requirements of their chosen courses of study.

In addition to Tertiary and career counseling and guidance, Oxley has extensive resources in the Careers Library to enable students to make informed decisions about their educational directions, career opportunities and courses of study in Australia. Careers staff will assist students in making entrance applications to University and other institutions.