Extra Curricular

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School camps are an important, integral aspect of learning at Oxley College. All students attend at least one camp per year and these vary according to age and year level. Snorkelling, SCUBA diving, Marine studies, bushwalking, leadership, university orientation and city-based learning are just some examples of camps currently being offered.

Music at Oxley College

Many music opportunities exist for those students who are keen to play an instrument, join a choir, sing in a choral group, share in an ensemble or join a concert band. Our expanding Music Department is also able to help students who aspire to doing music as a subject in VCE.

Church and Youth club activities

The church, situated on the school property, provides pastoral oversight to all staff and students at Oxley College. There is also an active young people’s group, meeting at the church each weekend and providing youth club activities and special events on a weekly basis. Some activities may also be offered during the school vacations.