Past Students

Oxley College Past Students Association - A co educational non denominational christian school - Melbourne East Victoria Australia

Welcome to the Past Students section of our website.

The Past Students association was launched in October 2007 at the Foundational Years School Reunion. The association was launched to formalise new and existing networks and provide a centralised way of communicating with past students of Oxley College.

We hope that this section will enable past students to easily connect with with each other and be a catalyst for building networks and maintaining links through events such as Reunions, Business Breakfasts and other functions.


Interact and reconnect with other past students via our Past Students Facebook page.

Past Student Survey

The Past Student’s survey is a quick questionnaire that will allow you to update us on where you are now. Providing us with your current details will help enable us to keep you informed of Reunions and events as well as make it easier for former class mates to reconnect. (None of your details are passed on directly without permission).

Click here to fill out the Past Student Survey