Code Red Fire Days

Oxley College Christian School - Information for parents regarding Code Red Fire Days


In accordance with Oxley’s Emergency Management Plan (EMP) the Principal will declare school closure and parents will be notified as follows:

The school will use what ever means are available, to confirm arrangements.  However, we emphasise that it is the parents’ responsibility to be alert and aware of Code Red days, without school notification.  The school will advise local ABC radio in order that parents may confirm the school’s arrangements.

Where time permits, Oxley will notify staff and students of forthcoming school closure on the previous school day and via the Oxley website, but in an emergency the College will not be able to take these measures.

There is no foolproof way that the school can notify parents of the declaration of a Code Red day. Therefore, parents must be responsible throughout the fire season to daily check the  fire rating notifications from the media and confirm updates directly from:

  • Your Local Government Authority
  • Victorian Bushfire Information Line (24 hours) on 1800 240 667
  • ABC Radio broadcasts

During immediate school closure

In the event that Emergency Services instruct the school to close immediately in response to an imminent fire threat the school will enact our Emergency Management Plan evacuation procedure.

Parents/guardians should listen to ABC radio and arrange to collect their children from designated areas as broadcast.  This may include:

  • Bus Stops – if students are passengers
  • School – if students cycle or walk to school

On days of heightened fire danger, when the school is in operation

Students will remain in their home rooms or be moved to a main building if necessary, to ensure they are accessible and safe.

If parents/guardians need to collect their children prior to the end of the school day, they must ensure the student is signed out and that the student’s teacher is informed.

If necessary, coordinating teachers will communicate with staff and bus transport authorities to facilitate students home.

Family Fire Safety Plan

It is important that all families (particularly those in bushfire prone or high risk areas) have a family fire safety plan that aligns with their school Emergency Management Plan.

The family fire safety plan should include information about alternative care arrangements for children in the event that school and children’s services are closed with some warning.

The family fire safety plan should be practiced so families are familiar with the procedures to be followed in a bushfire.