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Students’ Grand Designs

Students’ Grand Designs

Rebecca Oswald selected=Young designers Mailys Baerg and Rebecca Oswald have been selected to exhibit their work at the Melbourne Museum for the Top Designs 2011 exhibition.

Mailys and Rebecca, who completed their VCE at Oxley College last year, are two of 108 Victorian students selected to display their works as part of the VCE exhibition. Their entries comprised work completed as part of year 12 visual communication and design classes.

Mailys, who dreams of becoming an architect after starting her studies at Melbourne University this year, also featured alongside Rebecca’s work at a Mooroolbark Community Centre VCE exhibition this month.

Mailys said she was inspired by architecture as she travelled as a child. ‘‘I just love designing,’’ she said. ‘‘I was designing and building houses since I was really little. I loved Lego as a kid.

‘‘I like old architecture, and modern architecture and where it is going.’’

Mailys spent 13 years growing up in Africa, falling in love with and finding inspiration within its unremitting patterns.

Her display at the Yarra Ranges VCE exhibition in Mooroolbark is testament to this, displaying a compilation of all the patterns she had created over a year.

‘‘You see patterns wherever you go in Africa,’’ Mailys said

Top Designs showcases the works of some of Victoria’s most exceptional emerging designers, featuring 122 of their works.

It is at the Melbourne Museum until June 26.

** The article above was published in the Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader, March 29th 2011. Reporter: Alex Munro. Photography: Jane Ollerenshaw

Best on Show

Best on Show
Pictured: Melanie Stanhope (Year 11) and Le Tuan Anh (Year 10).

Oxley presented show goers with many quality pieces of artwork at the Lilydale Show last weekend.  As in previous years, Oxley students took home a swag of ribbons for places in many categories, ranging from craft to portrait painting, pottery and photography.  We congratulate all of the students who put hours of work into their pieces, producing some truly spectacular items.

Two highlights of the show were produced by Melanie Stanhope and Le Tuan Anh.  Melanie won ‘Photography – Best Colour Print’, ‘Photography – Best Youth’ and ‘Photography – Champion’ for her photography piece, winning several gifts to help her further in her development.  Tuan Anh won ‘Best Novice Exhibit – Art’ for his pencil rendered drawing, receiving picture framing prizes.  Congratulations!

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Musical Smorgasbord for a Cause

Musical Smorgasbord for a Cause

A smorgasbord of musical entertainment was served up to an appreciative audience at the Dining Room fundraiser concert on Saturday night. In it’s second year, the fundraiser, held at St. John The Divine Anglican Church in Croydon raised awareness and much needed funds for ‘The Dining’ room, a service that provides free meals and support to struggling families and the homeless.

With over 200 in attendance, the audience was delighted by performances by Opus 21 Big Band, Sunbury Divas and Suns of Sunbury Community Choirs and the Oxley College Senior Choir and a Capella group ‘Selah’.

David Knoop, director of the Dining Room and organiser of the event, spoke passionately during the night, sharing alarming statistics on just how prevalent homelessness is. He said, “on any given night, a population the size of an MCG crowd are with out a home”. He explained that homelessness can be caused by many reasons, including loss of employment, mental illness, domestic violence, sexual abuse and family breakdowns. Mr. Knoop said that this brings many to live out of cars, in shelters or on the streets, putting themselves in vulnerable and often dangerous situations.

The Dining Room through the support of events like this and with the help of over 50 volunteers, provides free meals to distressed families and those with no home. Oxley College provides students with opportunities through its Community Service program to assist, and many continue to volunteer on a Tuesday night in their own time to help with the service of meals. Past student Briony Pitts continues her involvement with the program after graduating from Oxley last year.

The event called on the community to actively raise homelessness as an issue and continue to apply pressure on community leaders and our politicians to do more to help the most needy, while challenging us not to turn a blind eye ourselves.

The night concluded with a rousing performance of ‘In the Mood’ by the Opus 21 Big Band, where the audience stood and danced with great enthusiasm, a highlight of the night.

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Musical Smorgasbord for a Cause

The Dining Room Concert | Oxley College | Schools in Melbourne
70 Oxley College students will perform before a large crowd, as part of this years fundrasing concert supporting the Dining Room, Croydon. For the second year, Oxley is proud to be associated with this event, this year providing performances from our Senior Choir and the a Capella group Selah. Last year provided a smorgasbord of talent for all music lovers and this year again will again not disappoint! All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the Dining Room to help provide free meals and support services for struggling families and the homeless. We hope that many families will support our students and the event by attending, you will be supporting a fantastic cause!

Download: Dining Room Concert Flyer

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VCE Unit 4 Concert

VCE Unit 4 Concert

Where: LMC Auditorium.
When: Tuesday 5th October at 7pm.

Parents and friends are warmly invited to attend the VCE Unit 4 Concert featuring our talented Year 12 music students:

Stephanie Burt
Rhys Duncan
Matthew Englezos
Daniel Hogg
Timothy Janczuk
Bryce Morgan
Jonathan Shelley
Tiani Walters
Danica Yee.

It promises to be a very entertaining evening, with a very high standard of performances.

Refreshments will be provided.

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Music Ensemble Evening 2010

Music Ensemble Evening 2010

Date: August 5th 2010
Venue: Life Ministry Centre Auditorium. Oxley College – Old Melbourne Road, Chirnside Park
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (approx.)

You, your family and friends are warmly invited to join us for what promises to be a joyful and entertaining evening, as our students work together in sharing their many talents.

Ensembles performing on this night include:

Camerata (Violin)
Flute Cantabile
Percussion Ensemble
Senior Choir
Senior Concert Band
Selah (a Capella)
Sinfonia (Violin)
Training Band

National Day of Thanksgiving

National Day of Thanksgiving

To mark this year’s National Day of Thanksgiving, a special breakfast was held on Saturday 29th of May at the Foothills Convention Centre. This breakfast provided an opportunity for many local Members of Parliament, church leaders and community members to thank and celebrate the extraordinary service of some of the unsung heroes of  our community.

Oxley College has been honoured to be part of this special event, by providing singers for the last three years. This year ‘Selah’ was privileged to be given the opportunity to perform three items.   ‘Selah’ is Oxley’s newly formed auditioned vocal ensemble for 2010. The word ‘Selah’ is a biblical term and while its precise meaning is unknown, it is thought to mean “Amen” or “Hallelujah” [Praise the Lord].

The guest speaker for the event was Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles of the Victorian Police Homicide Squad. He spoke of the need for better support and communication in our society. He honoured the many community volunteers who enrich the lives of others and referred to the lyrics of one of the songs presented, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, likening the vital part that volunteers play in providing hope to troubled members of the community. He reminded us that by reaching out to others, the often tragic consequences of alienation may be avoided.

The audience enthusiastically expressed its appreciation for the beauty of Selah’s music. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to contribute their God-given talents at such an important event.

Unit 3 VCE Drama Ensemble Evening

Unit 3 VCE Drama Ensemble Evening

Congratulations to our fantastic Unit 3 VCE Drama students of 2010!

On Thursday, 20th May our talented Unit VCE Drama students performed their ensembles before a large number of the school community.  This year the theme was ‘the elements’, incorporating earth, air, fire and water.  Four groups of students represented an element each.  The students were given stimulus material, including a visit to the Melbourne Aquarium to explore wildlife and environmental issues.

The groups had the freedom to devise their pieces in any way they liked, keeping in mind certain criteria.  There seemed to be no limit to the students’ imagination, managing to include historical, political, social and literary references throughout much of their work.  The mastery of non-naturalism was excellent, as they disjointed time and transformed character and objects with precision. Their work was nuanced with pathos and much comedy, giving us a highly entertaining evening.  Again, congratulations to them all!

Mrs. Karyn Hodgkinson

VCE Drama Ensemble Evening

VCE Drama Ensemble Evening

Date: May 20th 2010
Life Ministry Centre Auditorium
Oxley College – Old Melbourne Road, Chirnside Park
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

This year, there are 4 ‘plays’ based on the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The titles of these plays are as follows:
i) Earth’s End
ii) Up in the Air
iii) Burnt Out
iv) In Shallow Seas, we Sail

A drama ‘ensemble’ in this context, is a group devised piece of drama (ie the students write their own plays, ½ hour in duration). There there are no ‘lead roles’ as such, the ensembles allow equal time spent on the stage for each actor.
The drama presentations are  ‘non-naturalistic’, meaning that the actors create their own environments on stage, transform character often and also transform objects, making use of objects that become anything necessary for the scenes eg. two oars of a boat, become a cross, etc. These projects are highly creative and are sure to be very entertaining.

The evening is also a major SAC, where the students will be assessed individually on their performances.

It promises to be a great night!

Above artwork has been created by Jonathan Grace (Year 12)

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips - Samantha Redford | Schools in Melbourne | Oxley College Christian School

Fish & Chips - Samantha Redford

I would say that the best feed of Fish & Chips I have ever experienced was in Edinborough Scotland, some years ago – served in a box.

In recent years I have been entranced by Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954), with his wonderful ‘modern’ paintings displaying something of the decorative effects of children’s drawings in the bright colors and simple outlines that he used.

Towards the end of 2009 I asked the children to make up a composition of ‘Fish & Chips’, vegies, plate and decorated table cloth, and they achieved some stunning results.  In a few weeks time I plan to mount an exhibition of a dozen or so works by the children in our Resource centre.

This weeks artist is Samantha Redford (5 0 last year – now 6 S), and her work “Fish & Chips” will be on display outside the staff room from Tuesday next week.

Many of the exhibits from this collection (to be exhibited in the Resource centre) will be entered in the Lilydale show later this year.

Mr. Paul Gahan
Junior School Art

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‘Dining Room’ Concert

The Dining Room Concert - Members of Oxley College Concert Band
Members of Oxley College Concert Band

Last Saturday members of our Senior Concert Band, Lodaré and the boys from the Senior Choir took part in a community concert for ‘The Dining Room’, a Croydon community meal service for struggling families and homeless people.  The purpose of the concert was to raise funds and raise public awareness about the issue of homelessness and poverty, and needs in our own community. The evening included a presentation from David Knoop, the Director of The Dining Room.

The groups from Oxley College were joined with traditional jazz band, Maurie’s Jolly Rollers and the Sunbury Divas who were seen on The Battle of the Choirs television show.  The manager of the Divas, Adam Przewlocki, said before his Choir performed, “I just want to congratulate the Oxley choirs, they were just outstanding.  It’s fantastic to see the quality of what is coming out of the secondary school system in Victoria at the moment. It’s an exciting sign for the future.”

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