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Music Assembly 2013

Music Assembly 2013

This morning the students of Oxley Christian College were treated to a feast of musical talents.

The Concert Band, Choir, Sinphonia and other ensembles performed a smorgasbord of musical items at the annual Music Assembly, demonstrating their talents and their progress so far this year.

It was also announced at this assembly that Oxley will be auditioning students for a musical, ‘Broadway Stories’ in 2014. Auditions will be held on Saturday 14th September 2013. Students who are interested in taking part should see Mrs Peacock in the Performing Arts Centre Office for an information pack.

We congratulate all who took part this morning. It was a delight to our ears!

‘Oxley Kids’ Early Learning Centre – Coming Soon!

‘Oxley Kids’ Early Learning Centre – Coming Soon!

Oxley Kids is the name of our new Early Learning Centre due to be built on an expansive site on our 70 acre property in Chirnside Park, close to Oxley Stadium. It will provide a wonderful learning environment for the care and education of pre-school aged children. Concept plans are available to be viewed below.

dylan The centre will be the new home of Oxley Pre-School and will offer a range of additional services including full day care for children from 18 weeks to school entry age. The centre also includes new Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) facilities for primary school students before and after school.

The design is the result of collaboration with education consultants, architects and landscape designers. Our own Pre-School staff have given enthusiastic input. Each specifically designed indoor space has its own outdoor area, accessible via retractable glass walls, allowing integration of indoor and outdoor learning environments for each group.

Outdoors an exciting series of natural landscaped spaces will invite creative play and exploration of garden areas, with challenging climbing frames, cubbies, forest plantings, logs, rocks, sand, pebbles, lawns, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, herbs and chickens! A stream will enable safe water play.

Oxley Kids will be a vibrant centre with programs aimed at providing excellent care and learning opportunities based on Christian teaching and values. The play based day care curriculum will encourage children to explore, problem solve, express ideas and make decisions. They will be encouraged in enquiry skills and higher level thinking, by developing special projects.

Oxley’s sessional Pre-School will continue as part of the Early Learning Centre, to provide excellent programs for the 3 & 4 year old children, integrating and enriching learning of the day care, and providing a strong foundation for school readiness.

Oxley Kids aims to enrich the wellbeing of children, building their sense of identity, connection with others, and their confidence as learners and communicators. With Godly teaching at its heart, Oxley Kids is sure to be a happy place.

As the sign at our entrance says, Oxley Kids is coming! It is due to open in January 2015.

More information on Oxley Kids Early Learning Centre Chirnside Park…


Renee Robinson’s Treasure Trove – A Top Shot

Renee Robinson’s Treasure Trove – A Top Shot

Former Oxley VCE student (Class of 2012) Renée Robinson is part of a select group of students exhibiting their photographic works at Monash Gallery of Art.

Each year MGA calls for entries for our student competition and exhibition TOPSHOTS.  TOPSHOTS celebrates the excellent photomedia work being produced by the graduating students of VCE Art, Media & Studio Arts and IB Visual Arts.

From their final folios of 2012, 25 students have been selected for the finalist’s exhibition to be held at MGA in 2013.

The selected works can be viewed at: http://issuu.com/mgaphotography/docs/topshots-finalists

Renee Robinson Treasure Trove - Top Shots 2012

Treasure Trove…?

My work explores my family history, focussing on generational connections with various members, specifically making connections with my past and members who have, sadly passed away.

Treasure Trove…? is a diptych series captured within my grandfather’s (Pa’s), garage.

These photographs are captured within my Pa’s garage, as it’s the last physical representation of him and reminder of lost memories. The garage enables our family to still engage with him within ‘his world’ although he isn’t physically there.


Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

During the final week of Term 2, Year 9s were treated to a theatre production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

This famous play about the two “star-cross’d lovers” from Verona is set for study in English.  Three convincing and talented actors from the ‘Complete Works Theatre Company’ visited the College, and performed a condensed one hour version of Shakespeare’s classic, followed by a time of discussion with the students.

In our time of Hollywood blockbusters and special effects, the Year 9s saw Romeo and Juliet much like Shakespeare’s audience did – by relying more on their imaginations to ‘fill the gaps’, as well as needing to listen  with extra care.  The Year 9s engaged most positively with this experience.

We look forward to the return of ‘Complete Works Theatre Company’ late in Term 3 when they will present Macbeth to the Year 10s.

Matthew Burt Presented Pierre de Coubertin Award

Matthew Burt Presented Pierre de Coubertin Award

Oxley Christian College congratulates Matthew Burt (Year 11) on receiving the 2013 Pierre de Coubertin Award presented by the Victorian Olympic Council at the MCG on Sunday June 16th.

The award is named after the founder of the modern Olympic Games and aims to recognise students who demonstrate attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement, with a particular emphasis on participation and commendable sporting behaviour.

Matthew joined students from schools all over Victoria to receive his award. Matthew has excelled in the areas of AFL football, cross country running and cricket, and is well known and respected within the school community for his excellent skill level and sportsmanship.

Two other Year 11 students, Monica Rezkalla (11.16) and Laura Walsh (11.14) were nominated to attend the Olympic Academy program with Matt, where students rotated around a number of activities and interacted with Olympians. Congratulations to all three students for the attributes they possess that led to their successful nominations for inclusion in this program.


Matthew Burt - Pierre De Coubertin Award 2013

Speak Up Stand Up

Speak Up Stand Up

On Saturday 22nd June, 25 students representing all of our secondary year levels arrived at 8.00am at frosty Lilydale Lake to stand for 260 minutes in support of the work of Destiny Rescue.

This organisation is involved in rescuing children out of slavery around the world and in raising awareness of the issues surrounding child slavery.

Each of our students had raised financial sponsorship and many were able to chat (with visitors to the lake that day) about what they were doing.

This was another initiative led by our student run ‘Speak Up’ group, ably led by Susannah Fletcher (12.10) and Chris Rupert (12.10).

Well done students on being prepared to give up your time for this worthy cause! At last count the group have raised over $1500.

Speak Up Blood Donations

The ‘Speak Up’ group have organised a roster for students over 16 years old to donate blood at the Ringwood Donor Centre.

The first group of students to donate were Allison Berry (12.8), Taneka Hailes (12.10), Amelia Hunter (12.7), Ryan Pryor (12.8) and Katrina Van de Linde (12.8).

They were joined by regular donor, Mr Roberts-Thomson. Many students have volunteered to participate in this highly valuable activity next term.

Well done to student leader Katrina Van de Linde for co-ordinating this program.

Stand Up - Blood Donations - Oxley Christian Schools Melbourne

Alison Berry, Taneka Hailes, Amelia Hunter, Ryan Pryor, Katrina Van de Linde donate blood at the Ringwood Donor Centre.

3rd Place at Statewide Mathematical Games Day

3rd Place at Statewide Mathematical Games Day

Eight Year 5 students travelled to Essendon Grammar last week to compete at the annual Statewide Mathematical Games Day.

Competing against twenty-eight other teams, our two teams shone as they utilised their problem solving strategies to correctly answer as many questions as possible.

After recess, the one-on-one knock-out round began.   Students were required to employ fast and accurate recall knowledge of mathematical questions on money, time, fractions and tables to avoid being knocked out.

It was in the last phase of the Games Day where our students truly shone, as they engaged in the strategy games section. The final overall results saw the Oxley 1 team achieving an incredible third place medal, with the knowledge that they were only 1 point off 2nd position and 2 points from being equal winners!

The Oxley 2 team put in an amazing effort and were highly competitive in each area. Congratulations to both teams on a wonderful effort and a fantastic day.

Oxley 1 Team: Joshua Blacker, John Sopar, Luke Moreau and Benjamin Parker

Oxley 2 Team: Liam Wilson-Gardner, Dylan Maxwell, Chloe Booth and Erin Weller

Year 5 Maths Games Team - 3rd place

Umbrella Day

Umbrella Day

Preps LOVED Umbrella Day!  We counted, read, sang, danced, listened to a story and walked ‘Under our Umbrellas’.  Umbrella Day was a great way to remember the Uu sound.  We also learnt about the Umbrella Bird and researched information and pictures of this interesting bird.

Oxley Quintet at Mayoral Breakfast

Oxley Quintet at Mayoral Breakfast

The National Day of Thanksgiving is a unique opportunity for Australians to celebrate and give thanks to God for the heritage of our nation. It is a day set aside to honour those in our community who deserve our respect and gratitude for their selfless service to others.

On Saturday May 25th, the Yarra Ranges Mayor, Councillor Jim Child hosted a Mayoral Breakfast organised by Christian leaders from churches throughout the Shire. This year the theme was “The Triumph of the Human Spirit”. People from many walks of life were honoured. It was a privilege to hear their inspirational stories of courage, persistence and triumph in the face of severe adversity.

Guest speaker was Don Elgin who was an Australian triple medallist at the Athens Paralympics and Athletics Team Manager at the London Paralympics. His outstandingly entertaining address was enjoyed by Breakfast guests who included members of Oxley staff, students and parents.

The Oxley vocal quintet; Damaris Fletcher, Tahlie Arena, Hayden Wilde, Susannah Fletcher and Timothy Ong provided beautiful musical entertainment and received many appreciative comments. They are photographed (below) with Miss Anna Broadley (Vocal Conductor), Cr Jim Child (Mayor), Mrs Broadley and Don Elgin (Guest Speaker).

In the words of our Governor General, in this annual national day we can share ”in giving thanks to God and one another”.


Corey Jeffs Receives Full Sports Schlolarship to Winona State University

Corey Jeffs Receives Full Sports Schlolarship to Winona State University

Class of 2012 graduate and former Oxley Basketball Academy member, Corey Jeffs, has received a full scholarship to attend Winona State University Minesotta, where he will join their Basketball Team – ‘The Winona State Warriors’.

Commencing in August, the scholarship, which includes tuition, board and fees, will allow Corey to achieve his dream of playing for an American college team, while he pursues  his academic interests in Health/Science and Physical Education Teaching.

The Winona State University Braves have won the NCAA Men’s Division II Basketball Championship twice, once in 2006 and again in 2008.  ’They are one of the best basketball schools in the nation’; stated Corey.

While having a natural talent for playing basketball, Corey will also be required to work hard at his academic studies.  ’The university is all about studies first.  If my grades fall I will be unable to continue playing basketball.’

At 6″6′ (198cm), Corey is not short by anyones book, however with many of his team mates measuring 6″8′ (203cm) and above, Corey hopes to work his way into the starting lineup and play as a small forward.

Corey was prompted to apply for the scholarship by his coach at the Kilsyth Cobras, with a video of his skills forwarded to potential universities.  He is also a product of our Basketball academy which he gives credit to for encouraging him to reach his full potential.

As a school community we are very proud of you Corey, and wish you well in life’s exciting adventures that lie ahead.


3rd at Victorian Inter-School Horse Trials Championship

3rd at Victorian Inter-School Horse Trials Championship

64 schools competed in the 13th Annual Victorian Inter-School Horse Trials Championship held at Wandin Park on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April 2013.

The Oxley team, consisting of Monique Biedrzycki, Taylor-Jane Deacon, Maddison Creber and Chloe Brooks rode extremely well, finishing 3rd over all after dressage.

Congratulations girls!

Year 7 Team Building Camp 2013

Year 7 Team Building Camp 2013

Article by: Rachael Hallang (7.14)

On Wednesday the 20th of March, all 101 Year 7 students boarded the bus to Silvan Dam. After a quick morning tea and a few games, we started our hike into the YMCA Mt Evelyn Camp. It was about an hours walk and by the time we got there we were all very tired. After a delicious lunch we had our first activity. I had a Wildlife Encounter where we got to touch and hold lots of Australian animals.

On Wednesday the 20th of March, all 101 Year 7 students boarded the bus to Silvan Dam. After a quick morning tea and a few games, we started our hike into the YMCA Mt Evelyn Camp. It was about an hours walk and by the time we got there we were all very tired. After a delicious lunch we had our first activity. I had a Wildlife Encounter where we got to touch and hold lots of Australian animals.

That night we went for another walk. This one was probably even harder because at the end we had to walk up a very steep hill but when we sat down it was an amazing view of the stars in the sky. For the people who got there first, there was the spectacular sight of the path of people following us; their torches shining a stream of light. We all lay down while Pastor Dave led us in the ‘devotion under the stars’.

The next day we did four more activities. The giant swing was heaps of fun but when I had been pulled up 16 meters to the top I felt a surge of fear. Everyone else looked like

tiny ants because I was up so far. Then the countdown began, “3, 2, 1!” And then you would pull the rope only to be flung through the air like a rag doll. It was so much fun!!!

Eco Warriors was another activity. After getting our gloves on, it was straight into business. Our plan was to plant lots of plants along the river’s edge to help many animals living there such as; platypus, eels, fish and native bugs and birds. It was a very rewarding activity because when we finished we stepped back and looked at what we had done, and we had planted so many plants!

Gliding through the air on the flying fox was fun. Then it was time to tackle the High Ropes Course. It was quite challenging but very enjoyable. I didn’t want it to stop!

That night it was the talent night. Lots of people performed. There were singers, dancers, comedians, musicians and actors. It was a great night and a fantastic way to showcase the talent of the Year 7s.

The next day, after breakfast and packing up our cabins, we had two more activities.

The initiatives course was another great activity where we used our teamwork skills to the max to overcome each challenge.

My last activity was the Leap of Faith where we would climb up a tall skinny pole onto a tiny ledge, leap, and try to hit the orange ball hanging in front of us. For lots of people it was very hard climbing up the pegs sticking out of the pole but for me the hardest part was technically getting onto the ledge in a standing position. Then it was time to jump. You would leap up and fall down, but then quickly get pulled slowly to the ground. It was another nerve-wracking activity but at the end you were very proud to know that you had tried your best, whether it was jumping off the top or just climbing half way up the pole.

For me the camp was a fabulous opportunity to make new friends, face my fears, and have heaps of fun!

Rachael Hallang (7.14)

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