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Mrs Sally Broadley announces retirement after 25 years as Principal

Mrs Sally Broadley announces retirement after 25 years as Principal

On 4 May 2016, Pastor Graham Nelson, Chairman of the Oxley Christian College Council, announced to the Oxley community the forthcoming retirement of our College Principal, Mrs Sally Broadley, at the end of the 2016 school year.

Sally had kindly informed the Elders and Directors of Life Ministry Centre of her intentions many months ago and has been working with the Elders and Directors and members of the College Council to ensure a smooth transition as the College appoints a new Principal.

Sally’s retirement comes after a distinguished career in education over 47 years, across several school sectors. As the Principal of Oxley for the last 25 years, she has worked closely with the Elders and Directors to develop the College as a vibrant, Christ centred school.

Commencing with Oxley as a teacher in 1983, Sally has held various leadership positions before being appointed Principal in 1992. She has been intent on building highly supportive relationships, a culture of educational excellence and well-designed facilities. Pastor Nelson expressed his deep gratitude for Sally’s 34 years of dedicated service to the Oxley community.

Oxley Christian College enjoys a fine reputation both locally and internationally, as a school of educational excellence, equipping students to successfully live, work and serve in an ever changing world. Oxley is in a strong position for the next phase of development in its vision for Christian education.

The College has begun to advertise widely, as part of the process to appoint a new Principal for the commencement of 2017. The support and prayers of the Oxley community is appreciated for this important process.

Junior & Senior School students join together for Mega Chapel

Junior & Senior School students join together for Mega Chapel

There’s a saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” It suggests that children who are immersed in a loving community where everyone watches over their development, benefit from a continuity of care that comes from the involvement of many people.

Schooling in Australia is arbitrarily broken into sections. Most commonly, the primary year levels, Prep to 6, are separated from the secondary levels, 7 to 12. I have become a firm believer in the P – 12 structure, favoured by most independent schools. It is a delight to watch our senior students and junior students interacting in special events.

This week’s Mega Chapel was a great whole school event. Senior School students collected their allocated Junior School buddies from their classrooms and sat with them throughout the special Chapel service. There was plenty of noise and enthusiasm as older students tried to keep up with the actions of Junior Chapel songs. Oxley’s petulant puppets, Olly and Polly, always make an appearance at Mega Chapel. Yet again this entertaining brother and sister were their usual argumentative selves, but as always, their sibling relationship was happily restored, with the help of some wise advice from Pastor Matt.

It is not just on special occasions that the benefits of P – 12 schooling are apparent. Every day, our young students observe older students, admiring their accomplishments, watching their sporting feats, hearing their music skills, seeing their work on display, and appreciating their support. Every day we see evidence of older students being thoughtful of younger ones; assisting their development by coaching their sports teams, encouraging their efforts, celebrating their achievements, and understanding their vulnerability.

Education is a continuous journey of building knowledge and skills, and of forming beliefs and values, to equip each individual for a life of fulfilment and service. In Oxley’s vibrant community students are continually given opportunities to expand their thinking, and encouraged to follow the eternal teaching of Jesus, to love God and serve others. We are blessed to be part of the “village” that raises our wonderful students!

Sally Broadley
College Principal

Oxley ANZAC Dawn Ceremony

Oxley ANZAC Dawn Ceremony

Oxley’s Dawn Service was honoured by the presence of the founder of our College, Pastor Hal Oxley OBE. Now in his 100th year, Pastor Oxley spoke of the three groups of people affected by war; those who died, those seriously wounded, and women left to care for their grieving families. Though Pastor Oxley did not mention his own remarkable military service, his colourful medals were testimony to his credentials from the second World War, which included command of units of up to 1,200 soldiers, official reports of his gallantry in the face of the enemy, and awards of an OBE and SC.

The gathering of some 300 students, parents, friends and staff heard other moving reflections presented by Junior and Senior students. Former Oxley teacher, Salvation Army Pastor Ben Anderson, returned to play the poignant Last Post and Rouse. Pastor Oxley congratulated Megan Hallang (Year 12) who spoke of her time at Gallipoli last year, when she was selected to represent Australian youth on the 100th anniversary of the battle.

Two members of the public wrote to me with unsolicited commendations of Oxley students who shared more of the ANZAC spirit in the community on Monday. Again,

Megan Hallang was praised; this time for her ANZAC Day address at the Mooroolbark Memorial Service. “She spoke extremely well and with such feeling, particularly about her experience at Gallipoli. It was the highlight of the service… and made ANZAC Day so special for all of us.”

Leading Senior Constable from Croydon Police Station wrote that police members on duty were delighted by the unexpected visit of Liam Wilson-Gardner (Year 8) delivering a huge plate of Anzac biscuits! “A great credit to the Oxley community and much appreciated.”

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

  – From the poem Flanders Field by John McCrae (1872–1918)

Sally Broadley
College Principal 

Samaritans Purse Cambodia Missions Trip

Samaritans Purse Cambodia Missions Trip

Reflections on the 2016 Cambodia Trip

From 2 to 12 January, I was fortunate to take part in the 2016 Oxley Christian College/ Samaritan’s Purse mission trip to Cambodia. This was such an amazing experience for everyone involved, and I am so happy to share with you my own journey and what I encountered while over there.

To start with, it was a massive culture shock when we first arrived. There were mopeds everywhere! Road laws did not seem as important over there as they are here, with people driving all over the road, having whole families on one moped and no helmets in sight. Already, we started to notice the difference between here and Cambodia and we had only been in the country for around an hour.

For me, one of the most impacting things was going to S21, or Tuol Sleng, and the Killing Fields. From 1975 – 1979, the Khmer Rouge campaign tore Cambodia apart with Pol Pot leading a mass genocide against all educated people, to reduce Cambodia to a nation based purely on agriculture. S21 was one of the torture prisons from this period, a school in the middle of Phnom Penh transformed into a jail. Atrocities occurred here and we were confronted with pictures of the inmates which seemed endless. Just walking into an interrogation room and seeing blackened stains on the ground and a massive dent in a metal bed only leads you to imagine what could have occurred.

The Killing Fields was our next stop following S21 and it too, was confronting to witness. Pits that once contained buried bodies, indents in the land from excavations, and a monument piled high with skulls, only displayed part of the horrific history of the area. One thing that struck me was how the lake nearby appeared so relaxing and pretty. It made me realise how, though something can look so happy and peaceful like Cambodia does now, it can disguise awful events from the past.

Throughout the trip, we saw different programs running to help the Cambodians achieve a better standard of living, such as Food for Life which is helping Cambodians to grow their own food and providing medical and maternity centres. For me, the best part was being with the kids. Several times throughout the trip we interacted with the children, such as at shoebox distributions, going to teach lessons, handing out water bottles, or just visiting and witnessing the work of Samaritan’s Purse like at Bos Thom. The children were so happy to spend time with us and it was so hard to say goodbye to them. Seeing them sing and dance along with us, having piggy-back rides and so on was an unbelievable experience. They had so little but were so happy and their smiles, well, they were the biggest and brightest smiles I had ever seen.

Witnessing the work that God has done through Samaritan’s Purse in Cambodia was wonderful. I could see how God was using this organisation to reach out to His people and to help them through their struggles. It showed me how God is always working in people’s lives, even if we don’t always recognise He is there and that no matter where we are or who we are, He is watching over us and He loves us.

I am so thankful for what I have in my life. I’m blessed to have been born in a wealthy country, to have a good education, to have food, water, shelter and to know that I have many opportunities to look forward to in my life. This trip has made me realise how fortunate I am to have what I have and I know that these memories of the trip will never leave me, but will help me to become a better person.

Samantha Radford – Year 12 Student

Student leaders recognised at Investiture Assembly

Student leaders recognised at Investiture Assembly

Last week, our Junior and Senior School leaders were officially recognised at a special Investiture Assembly.  

There are many opportunities at Oxley for students to rise to leadership positions. Leadership is about service, with Jesus showing us the greatest example of sacrificial service. Our 2016 student leaders have been chosen because they demonstrate this admirable quality, which is demonstrated in the desire to serve their fellow students, the school and their local and global communities, and to do so in a spirit of excellence.

Special congratulations to our Senior School Captains Sandra Li and Sam Neil, and Vice Captains Kiana Chan and Jakob Jones, along with Junior School Captains Sophie Broadley-Thomson and Pierson Booth and their Vice Captains Grace Napoleone and Mattias Talpan.

Mrs. Christine Fyffe MP, and Member for Evelyn, gave an encouraging message on leadership to the senior school while the junior students had the privilege of hearing from past student,  Marita Simpson, who is  founder of Amari, a Community Development Organisation in Uganda.

Principal Mrs. Sally Broadley said she believed the 2016 College Captains will admirably fulfil their responsibilities.

The Head of Junior School Mrs.  Sharee Gaiser commented “There are many opportunities for students to build their leadership skills at Oxley, both within the classroom and beyond. From serving as a Home Group Captain or in the Enviro Team, students across many year levels can lead and be an example to others.”

Head of Senior School Mr Geoff Roberts-Thomson said the senior school captains spoke eloquently on the values they wished to embody and promote in the College community this year.

We congratulate all of the student leaders whose names are listed in the latest issue of The Vine. There are many more leadership positions to be filled as the year progresses and we recognise that acts of leadership and service are constantly part of life in all year levels.

Entertainment Fundraiser for ANZAC Day Memorial

Entertainment Fundraiser for ANZAC Day Memorial

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Welcome to 2016 at Oxley

Welcome to 2016 at Oxley

The first day of a bright new school year is a bit like opening the lid of a gift box. Escaping first is the chatter of catch up hellos and holiday stories, closely followed by a sense of anticipation about the year ahead and dreams about what might be achieved. Deeper in the box are layers of experiences yet to be revealed, as the year continues to unfold.

Both students and teachers have high hopes for the school year and understanding that there will be challenges along the way. An exciting reality is the promise that a dynamic process of teaching and learning will take place throughout the year from Preps to Year 12.

We welcome new students in all year levels. It is always a delight to welcome the new Preps and we congratulate Year 7 students as they enter Senior School. Oxley is pleased to have several new international students commence studies with us. We look forward to a long and happy association with the families of all new students.

Several new members of staff join us. To the Senior School we welcome Ms Ann-Katrin Bott (German), Mr Bernard Chee (Maths and Science), Ms Melinda de Haan (English), Mrs Ulla Hansson (Physical Education and Sport), Mrs Rhiannon Theunissen (Drama and English), Mr David Lau (Strings) and Mrs Wendy Oh (Science Laboratory Technician). New teachers in the Junior

School are: Mr Joshua Gaschk (Physical Education), Mr Daniel Kunst (Year 4), Ms Emily Pyman (Year 1) and Mrs Carly Russ (Year 2).

The College continues the process of major refurbishment of all general classrooms from Preps to Year 9. We are blessed to have this lovely property and facilities, meticulously prepared for the year’s commencement by property maintenance staff.

At Oxley we believe that the gift of life we enjoy each day and each year, comes from God. In James 1:17 we read: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

We trust that 2016 will be a wonderful year for our students and that the life giving spirit of God will flow freely amongst the Oxley community.

Sally Broadley – College Principal

2016 Senior School Sport Dates

2016 Senior School Sport Dates


Weekly Afternoon EISM Sport:

Year 7 – Mondays (competition Terms 2, 3 & 4)
Year 8 & 9 – Thursdays (Winter Season Terms 2 & 3, Summer Season Term 4)
Year 10-12 – Wednesdays (Summer Season Term 1, Winter Season Terms 2 & 3)

Year 7-12 Sport Events:

  • EISM Cross Country: selected students only
    Wednesday (C) 7 September (Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster)
  • Year 12 Final Day (Basketball, Table Tennis & Soccer) – all students
    Wednesday (C) 19 October (all day at Oxley Stadium & ovals)


Congratulations Class of 2015

Congratulations Class of 2015
*Dylan Nossek captured receiving his award as Dux of the College.

We congratulate our VCE students following the release of their results this week.

We congratulate Dylan Nossek, our Dux, for achieving an exceptional ATAR of 99.

Ten percent of our Study Scores were at least 40. Fifty percent of students gained an ATAR of at least 70; a terrific outcome for this cohort of students.

We congratulate all of our students, but particularly the 16 students who had an ATAR in the 90s, and the five students who had received an ATAR of at least 97.

Senior School Presentation Evening 2015

Senior School Presentation Evening 2015

The 2015 Oxley Senior School Presentation Evening celebrated a wonderful year of achievements and honoured the Year 12 Class of 2015, one last time.  Held at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, awards were presented for outstanding academic, sporting and musical performance, as well as excellent service to the community.

Throughout the evening the audience enjoyed performances from our College orchestra, choral groups, ensembles and even some comedic moments from senior drama students.

We congratulate all of our students for a tremendous 2015 at Oxley, but especially want to highlight the students who received awards on the night.


Year 10 Job Search Day

Year 10 Job Search Day

Year 10 is a wonderful time to start gaining some insights into the workforce.

Earlier this year, students had the opportunity to participate in our Work Experience program where they spend time working in a place of interest to them.

And last week students participated in another valuable program, Oxley’s Job Search Day.

Job Search Day sees Oxley host a wonderful range of professionals, who give up their time during the day to allow students to experience what a live interview would be like when applying for a job. After the mock interviews, students were given feedback on how they performed during their interview.

Our former Chaplain, Pastor Dave, also ran a session on social media and the impact it has on gaining employment. This helped students understand the grip social media has in their lives and how to ensure they make wise choices when using Facebook and other popular social networking platforms.  

Student Danae Grieef said “The day was really useful and I received some great feedback.” She also thought that the individual interview was very thorough and the feedback on their performance was extremely helpful.

Year 10 Students have learnt valuable lessons that will help them as they head into either a casual job through senior school or as they think about their future career after school.

Farewell Class of 2015

Farewell Class of 2015

Last week marked the end of an era for our Year 12 students, who put aside their uniforms and donned colourful costumes to celebrate finishing school forever!

Highlights included a final Chapel, where Year 12 students reminisced about the year and inspired younger students to work hard, and the spectacular Final Day Concert where all graduating students put on a show and dance extravaganza for the rest of the school.

The Principal, Mrs. Sally Broadley, described the annual show as one of the highlights of the year – especially for younger students who rate it a close second only to Christmas! “All Year Twelves were involved in a sensationally entertaining show, with their teachers fully involved in the fun. This wonderful spirit of celebration reflects the quality of relationships we enjoy in this school community,” she said. The concert was followed by the Senior School’s final House Sport Competition which saw the Zion Crusaders as winners of the day.

The Head of Senior School, Mr. Geoff Roberts-Thomson, said the transition from the start of Year 7 to the completion of Year 12 is a remarkable one. “We have the privilege of watching their growth – academically, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This particular group of Year 12s will leave us, having made a fine contribution to their community while among us.” The week finished with an elegant Valedictory dinner.

The Oxley Community thanks our 2015 Year Twelves for their outstanding contribution to the school’s life. We wish them God’s richest blessings as they progress through their exams and life ahead.

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