Year 9 Physical Education

Course Objectives

The main purposes of this subject are to enable students to:

  • Recognise and appreciate the wonderful body that God has given them and the way that it enables us to physically move.
  • Value the importance of keeping their body healthy and to feel encouraged to remain physically active in his / her own leisure time.
  • Continue to experience both practice sessions of skills as well as competitive games related to units of particular sports while continuing to develop his / her ability to approach both familiar and new situations from a tactical standpoint.
  • Recognise and appreciate the value of others and their individual abilities and to further develop the ability to communicate and work effectively in group situations.
  • Demonstrate skills of cooperation, leadership, problem solving, self control, self discipline, perseverance, sportsmanship and fair play.  Not only do these skills enable effective team work in sporting situations but they are invaluable in the many facts of life as a whole.
  • Develop a personal aerobic training program based on individual goals and fitness level.  This program is then undertaken for a set period of time and a short report is produced by the students.
  • Understand some of the socio-cultural factors that influence participation in physical activity.


  • In Physical Education lessons, students participate in a variety of team games such as hockey, basketball, racquet sports, touch football and lacrosse.  They are expected to take more of an active role in the planning of activities in some of the units, including planning and undertaking their own training program, while tactical team work is further developed through participation in competitive games.


  • Students are assessed on their aerobic fitness level through the implementation of the Multi Stage 20m Shuttle Run Test (Beep Test) as well as other class activities.  Other fitness tests may be conducted at various times throughout the year.
  • Skills are assessed as students undertake each sport unit during the semester, through observation and skill tests.
  • The student’s display of team work, cooperation and sportsmanship during lessons is also observed and reported on.
  • Students are encouraged to undertake self-assessment of their performance, to help increase their awareness of their own achievements, strengths and weaknesses during the lesson.  Peer-assessments may also be completed.
  • Students are assessed on their completion of a report and training diary for their individual fitness program.