Year 9 History

A semester-long subject taken by all Year 9 students, either in first or second semester. The course focuses on Australian History.


The Year 9 curriculum provides a study of the history of the making of the modern world from 1750 to 1918. It was a period of industrialisation and rapid change in the ways people lived, worked and thought. It was an era of nationalism and imperialism, and the colonisation of Australia was part of the expansion of European power. The period culminated in World War I 1914-1918, the ‘war to end all wars’.

Course Objectives

At this level, students learn about:

  • What were the changing features of the movements of people from 1750 to 1918?
  • What was the origin, development, significance and long-term impact of imperialism in this period?
  • What was the significance of World War I?
  • How was Australian society affected by other significant global events and changes in this period?


  • Movement of peoples: The settlement of Australia.

The influence of the Industrial Revolution on convict transportation. Early settlement in NSW. The extension of settlement, including the effects of contact (intended and unintended) between European settlers in Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Making a nation: Colonisation to federation. 

Race relations and conflict; White Australia and the outside world; the path to federation.  

  • World War One.        

The causes of World War I and the reasons why men enlisted to fight in the war; where Australians fought and the nature of warfare, including the Gallipoli campaign and the Western Front; the Home Front and the conscription debate; the impact of World War I on developing Australian identity; debates about the nature and significance of the Anzac legend.


Assessment tasks include the student’s personal workbook containing all class notes, activities, homework and handouts; topic tests, research reports and projects, empathy exercises, classroom learning activities and an end of semester examination.