Year 9 Geography

A semester-long subject taken by all Year 9 students, either in first or second semester.


Humans are having a massive impact on the world around them.  In this unit, students are introduced to the concept of sustainability, by investigating man’s influence on the world and its resources at a local, regional and global scale.  In particular, students will study resource use, settlement patterns and the effects of climate change.

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Distinguish between natural and built environments and describe aspects of their structures
  • Explain how people interact with environments
  • Explain how built environments change over time
  • Enhance geographical skills:  mapping, data analysis and interpretation


  • Resources (our world and how we use it)

How do we perceive the world around us? What is a resource? How do we use them? What are the effects of our resource use in the world? How can we use resources more sustainably?

  • Settlements (where will I live?)

What is meant by the term settlement? What is the hierarchy and function of settlements? How have our urban settlements developed? How can we sustainably design our cities? What will your housing development look like?

  • Climate Change

What is climate change? How does the climate operate and how have human activities been changing the way the Earth’s climate operates. What are some of the actions being utilized to deal with climate change?


  • Classroom learning activities
  • Topic tests
  • Research tasks
  • Collaborative projects
  • Fieldwork activities
  • Unit examination