Year 9 English


Students are involved in a variety of tasks which aim to develop their God given ability to communicate effectively in a variety of forms and styles.  This unit will develop written, aural and oral skills with emphasis given to developing different perspectives on complex themes and issues and extending the range of spoken and written texts.

Course Objectives

  • The Year 9 English curriculum at Oxley provides students with opportunities to develop their God given creative and linguistic abilities within a Christian context.  They produce, study and respond critically to texts created for a wide range of purposes and audiences.  They will engage and explore complex texts, themes and issues from both biblical and secular views.
  • Students are able to speak in a variety of formal and informal situations, exploring different perspectives on complex ideas and issues.  They listen critically, examine the subtle ways in which language influences audiences and explore persuasive techniques. Students read classic, contemporary and popular literary texts, media and multimedia texts and develop more critical ways of reading and responding to them.  Students analyse how different texts are interpreted by different audiences and why.
  • Students’ writing explores more complex themes and issues for specific and general audiences.  They use and control complex linguistic structures and features to convey meaning for audience and purpose.


  • In Semester 1, students will be introduced to the context ‘Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging’, using the text ‘Tales from Outer Suburbia’ by Shaun Tan.  This text is the stimulus for many creative and personal responses. Through this study, oral communication and written skills are further enhanced and students’ sense of the world and their place in it is enriched.  Students also increase their knowledge of the world through the analysis of media issues.  These issues are studied within a Christian framework and students are encouraged to develop a Christian response to these. Students will also continue their study of poetry, developing both their writing and analytical skills.
  • In Semester 2, the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is studied.  This unit of study includes an introduction to the world in which Shakespeare lived, to enable students to understand the historical context, social customs and language used in the play.  A relevant film is the final text studied in this year level and furthers their study of the Context from Semester 1.  This film will explores issues such as prejudice, friendship and family.  The exploration of these issues, further develop a student’s knowledge of their world and students are encouraged to develop a Christian response to these.


  • Students will be assessed in a variety of ways under the broad categories of ‘Speaking and Listening’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Reading’.  Students will complete tasks formally and informally.  Some will be completed at home, others in class.  Some will be handwritten whilst others will require computer use.  The assessment is carried out within the normal teaching and learning and leads to the satisfactory completion of the ‘Outcomes’.  Assessment will include comprehension exercises, language sheets, spelling tests, essays, text responses, oral presentations, creative responses, short reflective pieces and an end of semester examination.