Year 9 Electives – Drama


In these units, students improvise, select and structure elements of drama to make short plays or films.  They experiment with a range of forms, styles and conventions in drama to create dramatic images and to convey meaning.

Using a variety of techniques and processes, students develop a range of performance skills to communicate with an audience.  Students select and manipulate elements of stagecraft appropriate to their work.  Drama classes seek to help students to develop the ability to use starting points to generate and expressively develop ideas for making and presenting drama.

Their work allows students to make informed judgments about the values, purpose and qualities of drama.  They describe, analyse, interpret and evaluate drama.  Students use appropriate terminology to critically discuss and investigate the works.

Two different subjects – ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ and ‘Script to Stage’ – provide the key themes. Both subjects are offered as electives for one semester in Year 9.

Course Objectives

  • Create characters with depth and credibility.
  • Use drama elements, forms, styles and conventions to convey meaning.
  • Develop drama ideas individually and in groups.
  • Interpret texts, characters and scripts from a range of cultural and historical sources.
  • Develop and write scripts.
  • Provide personal interpretations about the qualities of own and others’ drama.
  • Identify strategies for refining own drama.
  • Use drama terminology when discussing own and others’ drama.
  • Explain ways in which drama reinforces or challenges social, cultural and artistic values.


Assessment in these subjects is largely based on teacher observation, and will include many of the following:

  • A folio of scripts to use for performance analysis
  • Scripts written by individual or groups
  • Drawings of theatre stagecraft elements / make up charts, costume design, program layout, etc
  • Observation of student cooperation, participation and imagination skills
  • Production and participation in a performance for a particular audience
  • Detailed work on a particular area of stagecraft
  • Ability to create and maintain character
  • Journaling

Drama 1: Create Your Own Adventure

In this Drama unit, students will develop their own performances from a range of stimulus material. They will examine the development of styles such as comedy and mystery, and from this create self-devised plays. Students will engage in workshops to create characters and enhance plot.

Drama 2: From Script to Stage

In this Drama unit, students will examine and interpret scripts from a variety of playwrights. They will engage in a range of activities, developing and enhancing their scripted performance and character. There will be opportunities for students to explore other aspects of theatre, such as costume design and direction.