Year 9 Elective – Duke of Edinburgh

Students who select this elective will be enrolled with Awards Victoria, and will work on completing the Bronze Award.

More detail about this award can be obtained from the Awards Victoria web site (

In summary students who receive the Bronze Award must have completed the four elements. Three of these will be completed in the student’s own time, over the course of the semester:

  • Physical Recreation
  • Skill
  • Service

In each of these fields, students will select their own goals, supported by our Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, and work steadily on achieving these personal goals. In each of the areas, the student needs to show evidence of contributing or participating for one hour a week (or two hours per fortnight), over a three month period. In one of the areas, the students need to keep up this commitment for a six month period. All of this work and service will take place outside of the classroom, in the student’s own time.

In addition, students who receive the Bronze Award also need to have completed an ‘Adventurous Journey’. This element of the program will be supported by the College through an external Outdoor Education provider, as an alternative Year 9 camp program.

Class time will be used to:

  • discuss, set and monitor the progress of the students in each area
  • develop skills useful for the Adventurous Journey (e.g. navigation, first aid, basic bush craft)


Students will have graded assessment and a written report, as for other electives. The graded tasks will be based on the practical skills taught in class.


Any curriculum costs will be covered by the College, and the ‘Adventurous Journey’ component will access the camp fees which are built into the subject levy. However, there will be an additional billing of approximately $120, which is the administration fee charged per student by Awards Victoria.