Year 9 Christian Studies


Year 9 is a fantastic year with exciting activities. Christian Studies will help students to prepare form many of these, encourage them to consider the claims of Christianity and prepare them for their life ahead.

Year 9 Christian Studies also marks the beginning of our focus on examining worldviews. In particular we will study what Christians believe about God and how that helps frame the way we treat others and the way we live our life. Students begin by critically evaluating their own value systems and compare them to Biblical values. Students will do this by being encouraged to consider a Christian worldview. This will involve asking important questions: for example, who is God, what about human nature and what is right?

As they did in Year 8, students also complete two community service projects, each involving a minimum of 3 hours of voluntary service to people in need.

Course Objectives

  • Develop skills in reading and understanding the Bible
  • Demonstrate a personal belief system
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a Christian worldview
  • Articulate ideas through research and reflection writing
  • Develop empathy for different members of our community


  • Term 1 – Worldview Thinking
  • Term 2 – Understanding God: Worldviews & Religion
  • Term 3 – Relationships and the Christian Faith
  • Term 4 – Inspiring Christians


  • Completion of workbook activities in a thorough manner
  • Memory Verse Tests
  • Unit Tests
  • Assignments
  • Community Service Assignment
  • Creative presentations