City Cite

The City Cite aims to take Year 9 students into new realms of learning for a three week period. One obvious aspect of this is taking them beyond their knowledge of outer suburban living to encounter the energy, opportunities, challenges and problems at the heart of our state capital, Melbourne.

The learning at City Cite will be based on direct experience, on inquiry and on group cooperation. Like many modern work places, the City Cite will ask for a multi disciplinary approach to the task to be done rather than a single ‘subject discipline’. The students will be encouraged to see how rich the city is in human and physical resources. They will develop skills to tap into those resources.

When they return to Oxley, students will benefit both personally and academically. In Year 9, students are laying down beliefs, values and moral perspectives which will be central to their adult lives. The City experience will give extra dimension and maturity to the Christian perspectives they already know from Oxley and from home. Academically, the City Cite is excellent preparation for the senior years of VCE.

All of this is perhaps the official and adult viewpoint of City Cite. The students’ perspective is very simple and direct: The city is cool and fun! No Year 9 student will want to miss it, not just because of the obvious excitement but because they know that many of Australia’s richest resources and opportunities are found in the central city. All students will benefit from the experience of getting about safely, efficiently and pleasurably in a great city; an important thing given that the huge majority will undertake tertiary studies in town. It is also likely that students will gain a new appreciation of the good things about living on the fringe and about ordinary school!