Year 8 Music

Year 8 Music is a one-semester subject taken by all Year 8 students either in first or second semester.


In Year 8, a main focus area is music technology. Students have the opportunity to compose and creatively manipulate music employing the ‘ACID’ music software. They analyse, discuss and create many genres of music. Students consider how music is used in their world, particularly in the media and popular music styles.

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Creatively combine pre-recorded loops in order to produce their own compositions.
  • Listen to, discuss and verbally analyse many genres of music.
  • Identify and imitate the basic structure of pop music


  • In this course students will learn how to effectively utilise the ‘ACID’ music software.  Students will use their new-found software skills to compose their own piece.  They will also study how sound and music is used in various forms of media (radio, television and film). In response, students will create their own radio advertisement and film score based on a product of their design.  They will also analyse basic song structure and then create their own song, based on these learnt concepts.


Major assessment tasks in Year 8 Music:

  • Original ‘ACID’ composition
  • Group composition of a radio advertisement
  • Song structure composition
  • Film score composition