Year 8 Information Technology

A semester-long subject chosen by most students, undertaken either in first or second semester.

Course Objectives

  • To further develop touch typing skills.
  • To effectively use the Internet for locating information and data.
  • To use email efficiently and effectively.
  • To extend the use of Excel in the presentation of data.
  • To extend the use of word processing and desktop publishing skills.
  • To effectively use ‘Oxley Online’ in the management of class tasks.


  • Year 8 Information Technology builds on the skills developed in Year 7 and is aimed at extending students in their understanding and application of digital media. Spreadsheets using simple arithmetic as well as more complex formulae including conditional statements (IF-THEN-ELSE) and graph selection are reinforced at a level appropriate to each student.  Touch typing and word processing skills continue to be developed, as do internet search strategies. Formal use of email is developed, including appropriate selection of recipients, and formatting of subject line.  Current topical and ethical issues in IT are discussed from a Christian perspective with students responding to questions posed through an online journaling system.


Assessment of this subject includes:

  • Creation of attractive word processed documents using Word
  • Creating spreadsheets that incorporate formulae.  A final task of creating a quiz using IF statements.
  • Creating simple and effective animations using Flash.

Students will create and maintain an online ePortfolio, which stores their semester work electronically and presents the work to their parents and wider community.