Year 8 English


Students are involved in a variety of tasks which aim to develop their God given ability to communicate effectively.  This unit will develop and extend writing skills with emphasis given to grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Students study two texts and participate in a range of oral and written responses.

Course Objectives

  • Students consolidate and expand their knowledge and understanding of a range of texts.  Students take more responsibility for their learning.  Formal language is used to construct a range of texts and students explore more challenging themes and issues.  Both personal and critical responses to texts are encouraged.
  • Students are more observant and analytical of the world around them and how the power of language can influence roles and relationships.  Students are encouraged to develop a critical awareness of the media and the techniques used to persuade, entertain and inform audiences.
  • Students are able to speak with an understanding of purpose and audience and critically explore challenging issues and how to influence others.  They listen more actively and critically.
  • Students read and interpret challenging texts and identify different language techniques and the distinctive features of particular literary text types.
  • Students write at length with some sophistication of language, which enables them to discuss texts with greater perception.


  • In Semester 1, students will begin with a study of ‘Hatchet’ and ‘Chinese Cinderella’. Hatchet will be used as their context study which focused on ‘Survival’ while ‘Chinese Cinderella’ will be used in the ‘Reading and Responding’ component of their studies and will focus on themes of identity, family and belonging. These units will develop and extend writing skills with emphasis given to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Students will also explore aspects of persuasive language and poetry, focusing upon ideas of purpose and audience. Oral communication will include speeches and debates.
  • In Semester 2, students will continue to explore the context of ‘Survival’ using the novel ‘Falling from Grace’. This will be followed by a study of the film text ‘Chicken Run’. ‘Falling from Grace’ will ask students to consider survival from other perspectives and students will be able to further their understanding of narrative. They will be asked to respond to the text in a variety of ways while ‘Chicken Run’ will introduce them to film studies.


  • Students will be assessed in a variety of ways under the broad categories of ‘Speaking and Listening’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Reading’.  Students will complete tasks formally and informally.  Some will be completed at home, others in class.  Some will be handwritten whilst others will require computer use.  The assessment is carried out within the normal teaching and learning and leads to the satisfactory completion of the ‘Outcomes’.  Assessment will include comprehension exercises, language sheets, spelling tests, essays, text responses, oral presentations, creative responses, short reflective pieces and an end of semester examination.