Year 8 Christian Studies


In Year 8, students move on from the Old Testament knowledge base provided in Year 7 to a focused study on the wise words in the Book of Proverbs and then those of Jesus. Along with this students will study the life and times of Jesus, particularly as reflected in the Gospel of John.

Students also complete community service projects where they give at least three hours of voluntary service to an organisation or individual in need of assistance, and learn ten memory verses each semester.

Course Objectives

  • Develop skills in reading and understanding the Bible
  • Develop skills in reading and understanding the use of language in the Bible
  • Study the historical content of the New Testament and the Life of Jesus
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the life of Christ as depicted in a Gospel
  • Have a good understanding of what it means to practically live out a relationship with God
  • Learn 20 key Bible verses


  • Unit 1 – Wise Living: The Proverbs
  • Unit 2 – The New Testament and the World of Jesus
  • Unit 3 – Jesus and the Use of Words
  • Unit 4 – The Gospel of John


  • Completion of workbook activities in a thorough manner
  • Memory verses
  • Unit tests
  • Creative presentations and written assignments
  • Community service assignments