Year 8 Art

A semester-long subject taken by all Year 8 students, either in first or second semester.


This subject encompasses the creating of two-dimensional artworks through drawing, painting and collage.  Students use observation, experience and imagination to develop art works that explore ideas.  They gain further understanding of art element and principles through analysing their own and others art works.  Students view and discuss past and present art works, developing analytical skills and appropriate language to describe the way images and forms are organised.

Course Objectives

  • To produce works of art from various starting points that reflects expression of skills, imagination and creativity.
  • To gain technical understanding and experience of art making processes involving use of a variety of media and tools.
  • To identify the arrangement and use of art elements, principles and concepts.
  • To describe the way images and forms communicate meanings.


  • Theme of face and hands
  • Observational drawing
  • Pop Art Collage
  • Two point perspective Drawing


  • Criteria based assessment is applied for each art making exercise, allowing students to see the areas where they have done well or need to improve.  The areas of assessment include demonstration of skill in the use of appropriate tools and media, application of the design process in exploring and developing of ideas and displaying creativity and imagination.  The Art Appreciation component of the subject will be assessed by set written tasks.