Year 7 Sculpture

A semester-long subject taken by all Year 7 students, either in first or second semester.


In this subject students create their own sculptures using a variety of techniques and materials. Each project requires the student to imaginatively and creatively respond by designing and making a three-dimensional form. They continue to expand on methods of problem solving and working individually, alongside others in a cooperative way. Through their experience in constructing their sculpture students develop manipulative skills, higher level psychomotor coordination along with technical knowledge and concepts of spatial relations.

Course Objectives

  • To produce works of art from various starting points that reflects expression of skills, imagination and creativity.
  • To gain technical understanding and experience of art making processes involving use of a variety of media and tools.
  • To identify the arrangement and use of art elements, principles and concepts.


  • Clay slab construction and carving
  • Wire, paper, cardboard and modroc (plaster)
  • Clay modelling


  • Assessment tasks include researching theme and ideas, sketches, drawings of final design and artwork, sculpture construction and decoration.