Year 7 Maths


Mathematics education is a core part of preparing students to operate successfully in society. We assist each student to better grasp the elegance and usefulness of Mathematics in every day life, and it can add to student’s appreciation of God and the wonders of His creation.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Show understanding of the fundamental concepts involved in each topic.
  • Make appropriate use of technology such as scientific calculators.
  • Apply mathematical skills to practical situations.


  • This course is designed to consolidate and develop the student’s understanding of mathematical thinking and its usefulness in solving a wide range of everyday problems.  Studies in Geometry, Arithmetic, Measurement, Statistics, Probability, Linear Equation and Algebra are undertaken and involve the use of whole numbers, decimals and fractions.  While exercise work is an integral part of the course, there are opportunities for both hands on and computer supported activities.  Students are also encouraged to use a number of different strategies when problem solving.