Year 7 Information Technology

A semester-long subject taken by all students, either in first or second semester.


The purpose of Information Technology is to equip students with the skills necessary to use a range of software applications, which can be applied in completing a wide variety of tasks across all subject areas.

In Years 7 and 8 students will develop general confidence in using a computer, and key skills in the use of a word processor, spreadsheet software, email, the internet and interactive forums.  Students will have the opportunity to develop general skills in typing and file management.

Course work is managed through ‘Moodle @ Oxley’, the Virtual Learning Environment utilised at Oxley Christian College.  This enables students to interactively manage specific course content over the internet through a secure connection.

Course Objectives

  • To develop touch typing skills.
  • To develop word processing and desktop publishing skills.
  • To develop skills in using Excel.
  • To effectively use the Internet for locating information and data.
  • To effectively use ‘Moodle’ in the management of class tasks.


Year 7 Information Technology develops the essential skills required in other subjects as well as beyond school.  Touch typing is focused on to ensure efficient use of a keyboard, which will aid in the production of content.  Word processors are used with an emphasis on correct formatting, using margins, tables, Mail Merge and other features, to enable effective organisation and presentation of work in various subjects. Spreadsheets are explored by students to look at options for presentations of different types of data, including learning on simple arithmetic formulae. Students reflect on their learning as well as looking at ethical issues in IT (such as Cyberbullying and plagiarism) from a Christian perspective through the use of online journal entries.


Assessment of this subject takes place in a number of ways, including:

  • Creation of simple and attractive word processed documents using Word
  • Creating well-formatted spreadsheets that incorporate simple formulas such as SUM and AVERAGE