Year 7 Christian Studies


In Year 7, we have a mix of students with many varied levels of knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Christian faith. Consequently, the aim for this year is to assist each individual to achieve a sound understanding of basic Christian terms and concepts.

Throughout the year, students gain a broad overview of the Old Testament narrative, which helps them understand our need for salvation through Jesus. This is done through examining the lives of some of the major characters of the Old Testament, such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Jacob, Moses and David. Students are encouraged to understand the need for making well-considered decisions in their own lives.

Students also complete two community service projects where they give at least three hours of voluntary service to an organisation or individual in need of assistance.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Bible, its contents, and how to use it.
  • Learn key memory verses centred on the themes for the year.
  • Develop skills in reading and understanding the Bible
  • Have a good understanding of the Old Testament narrative and the values taught through them.


  • Unit 1 – An Introduction to the Bible and Christianity
  • Unit 2 – Creation to the Patriarchs
  • Unit 3 – Moses the Exodus and the Law
  • Unit 4 – David and the Coming Kingdom


  • Completion of workbook activities in a thorough manner
  • Memory verses
  • Unit tests
  • Creative presentations and written assignments
  • Community service assignments