Year 10 Visual Communication Design


This course is designed to simulate a real design studio whereby students take on the role of designers to produce a range of designs based on different design briefs. Over the duration of the course, students will be introduced to different disciplines, including graphic design, industrial design, architecture and communication design. Students will develop skills in digital design, typography and layout design, and freehand and technical drawing. Students will be required to follow the design process to complete a number of interactive and engaging folio projects.

Course Objectives

  • Use graphic elements and principles to produce visual communications
  • Be able to produce and meet a design brief
  • Follow the design process to develop a range of visual communications
  • Use the Adobe Creative Suite to produce visual communications from the three fields of design


  • Freehand drawing and rendering
  • Technical drawing to communicate three-dimensional form
  • Digital Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
  • Image Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop
  • Construction of 3D models using appropriate materials


Students will be assessed on:

  • Knowledge and understanding of concepts relating to the design process for producing visual communications
  • Skill in the production of design pieces
  • Skill in the analysis of their own and others’ design work