Year 10 Sports Analysis


The athlete of today is analysed in every way to help them produce their most effective performance.  With the use of information technology, we are able to refine even the best of techniques and player movement patterns.  The Sports Analysis elective gives students a glimpse at the lengths athletes go to become their personal best and the body systems they use to improve their own sporting performance.  Some concepts from VCE Physical Education will be introduced and included in course work.

Course Objectives

The main purposes of this subject are to enable students to:

  1. Identify different team performances and analayse parts of their own technique that could be improved, suggesting adjustments accordingly.
  2. Recognise and appreciate the techniques used by the people supporting professional athletes behind the scenes.
  3. Research how sport has changed over the years, including equipment, ethical dilemmas, media coverage, techniques and tactics.


In Sports Analysis lessons, students will record, analyse, practise and review a range of sporting skills and movements. This will be done with the aid of digital cameras, heart rate monitors and other technology. Students will compare their techniques with professional athletes and ascertain the biomechanical differences which cause the varying skill performance results. Much of the content of Sports Analysis has links to the content of VCE Physical Education.


Theory tests and assignments, semester examination as well as physical achievements in practical classes.