Year 10 Photography


This course is designed to build upon the skills acquired in the Year 9 Photography & Design course, as well as introducing Photography to those who have not yet experienced this medium.  This course aims to give the student knowledge and skills to prepare them for Studio Arts at the VCE level.

Over the duration of the course, students will be involved in practical projects that involve studio photography, outdoor photography, darkroom technique and the use of the iMac computers.  Theory work will be covered in the technical aspects of camera use, darkroom technique as well as photographic analysis and appreciation.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Understand a single lens reflex camera and the photographic process
  • Develop photographic images
  • Produce photographs that express their creativity
  • Gain skills and ideas in analysing photographic images


  • Camera use
  • Outdoor and studio lighting
  • Photojournalistic photography
  • Homage photography


Students will be assessed on:

  • Knowledge and application of camera use and darkroom practice
  • Skill in the production of photography projects
  • Ability to critically analyse a photograph
  • Assignment
  • Workbook