Year 10 Music


Note: Students wishing to enrol in Year 10 Music should be able to play an instrument and have at least a basic understanding of music theory. Students are strongly encouraged to be taking private instrumental/vocal lessons, and should be prepared to attend theory classes if necessary.


Music is an integral part of all cultures and societies, both past and present. The study of music develops students’ understanding of and ability in this art form. Also, formal study of music enhances students’ capacities in learning generally, including memory, problem solving, motivation, and physical coordination.

Course Objectives

The aim of the Year 10 Music course is to enable students to become better musicians. Performance and Musicianship are the key areas of study, with Musicianship consisting of music theory, music analysis and research.

Course Content

Semester 1: Music for Stage and Screen

Performance: Solo and Group on chosen instrument
Musicianship: Aural and written theory including intervals, scales, chords, melody and rhythm; analysis of music in film including The Lion King, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Picnic at Hanging Rock; analysis of music for stage including West Side Story; a research task on instruments and tone colour.

Semester 2: Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music

Performance: Solo or Group on chosen instrument
Musicianship: Aural and written theory developing from semester one; analysis of Jazz origins and style 1900 – present; analysis of contemporary popular music origins and style 1950s – present; a research task on a Jazz artist.


Performance: Interim and final assessment of a solo and group performance.
Musicianship: Research task; Semester examination.