Year 10 Money, Markets and the Law


In today’s world of commerce, you need to be an explorer, an originator and an entrepreneur.  This course uses a hands-on and practical approach to give students an introduction to the VCE Business Studies courses which includes Business Management, Accounting and Legal Studies.  Students will have opportunities to participate in teamwork and learn through interactive activities.

Course Objectives

This study is designed to enable students to:

  • Understand business management practices and provide students with the opportunity to create their own business plan and logo.
  • Understand the different investment options available to Australian consumers, such as share portfolios and property investment.  This includes the opportunity to participate in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) share market game and research on property investment.
  • Learn how to record basic accounting transactions in cash journals and report in the Statement of Receipts and Payments, Income Statements and Balance Sheets for a small business owner.
  • Investigate the influence of criminal and civil law in the society, using interesting and relevant case studies.
  • Understand how economic markets work by exploring basic economic concepts such as demand and supply, market forces and the price mechanism.


  • Small Business management practices
  • Investment Options
  • Recording and reporting cash transactions for a small business
  • Australian legal system
  • Markets and the economy


  • Projects
  • Class tests
  • Examination