Year 10 Modern Australian Culture (EAL)


The aim of this course is to provide ESL students with a rounded general knowledge about Australia, including the past and present.  The course also aims to expand students’ vocabulary as well as train them further in various forms of writing and speaking.

Course Objectives

It is anticipated that students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of basic geographical, historical, political and social content regarding Australia
  • Develop skills and techniques in the areas of written and spoken expression
  • Demonstrate understanding of some current state and federal issues
  • Be able to experience Australian culture first-hand through practical activities such as cooking and excursions.


Students will participate in a range of exercises such as reading, listening, research, questions, cloze and quizzes to expand their knowledge of the geography, history, politics and current social milieu of Australia.  They will apply a number of written techniques such as summaries, reports, letters, essays and creative responses to the above stimuli.

Students will apply various spoken techniques such as orals, questions and answers in class debating and verbal games.  They will have the opportunity of participating in various practical activities such as cooking, artwork, construction, drama and excursions / incursions.


Assessment will include:

  • Written assignments, orals and debates
  • Film study
  • Research projects
  • Topic tests
  • Ongoing assessment of development, verbal and written skills
  • Examination