Year 10 Global Awareness


Humanity is currently facing some major issues.  War, disease, famine, greed, corruption and natural disasters have all left the populations of the world in crisis.  Global Awareness seeks to broaden students’ understanding of these complex issues and more importantly, equip them to start thinking of solutions.  We seek to show that the heart of Jesus was most often with those who were living in distress.

Course Objectives

The main purposes of this subject are to enable students to:

  • Become aware of today’s global issues while looking at the impact they have on world populations.
  • Understand the role of international government and non-government organisations that attempt to deal with these issues and the levels of success they achieve.
  • Be awakened in their sense of responsibility and desire for change.
  • Gain an understanding of how they can ‘make a difference’ to their world.


Students will investigate numerous global issues such as globalisation, poverty, global inequities, refugees and modern slavery.  They will also learn about the history of the United Nations, its structure and a number of its operations.  Students will evaluate the impact of issues and the policies and strategies used to bring about change.  They will then use their knowledge and the desire for improvement to provide recommendations for these global situations.


Tests, research tasks, simulation activities and writing tasks will provide assessment throughout the semester.  There will be an examination at the end of the semester.