Year 10 German


By learning to communicate effectively in a foreign language, students enhance their personal sense of identity and awareness in a multicultural Australia and gain an insight into the multilingual world God has created.

Course Objectives

  • Communication  –  students will learn to communicate in the language for a range of purposes and in a range of contexts.
  • Socio cultural understanding  –  students will not only develop an understanding of the culture(s) linked with German but also the ability to move beyond their own culture.
  • Language awareness  –  students will develop an understanding of the way the language works, its structure, the role it plays and its effects.


The Year 10 German curriculum continues the pattern of the previous years of language learning by refining the language base of the students with topics such as:

  • Home and duties
  • Money  –  earning and spending
  • Talking about what has been done  –  leisure activities
  • Excursions and theme parks
  • Travel and holidays


Assessment is ongoing and comprises class work, unit tests, role plays, oral presentations, projects and end of semester examinations.