Year 10 General Science

General Science has been developed to allow students who are not planning to undertake a VCE science to continue to develop skills which are important beyond secondary school.

Global systems will be studied to see how the different layers of the atmosphere interact, and how carbon travels through these layers. Students will explore cutting edge and current topical areas of science which are being discussed in the media, including TV news, current affair shows, newspapers and scientific websites including blogs and wikis. Topics may include:

  • climate and environmental issues,
  • global diseases such as emerging strains of flu and cancer,
  • genetic engineering techniques such as genetically modified foods, and
  • a range of ecological issues.

Students will perform a range of practical experiments and modelling activities as they begin to develop an opinion of their own on each topic. They will evaluate the reliability of media articles, investigate recent breakthroughs and roadblocks and develop and present their findings in a variety of methods, drawing upon their research conducted. Students will also analyse and critique the presentation of data including graphs, survey results and data tables, looking for strengths and weaknesses in the information presented and its citation.