Year 10 Foundation English


This course is primarily intended for students who need some level of educational support. While students may choose this subject, enrolment will only be approved for students who are identified as likely to struggle with the full academic load expected of most Year 10 students. Typically they will have had a background in Oxley’s educational support program (Links), or there will be other reasons why it is appropriate to provide additional educational support.

Students who undertake this course are also enrolled in the Year 10 English course which is compulsory for all Year 10 students. This course will count as a “Humanities” subject, in assessing the appropriate academic load for students.

Course Objectives

Students will be given additional opportunities to develop literacy skills, that will enhance their ability to read texts and construct written and oral answers in all subjects. There will also be a specific focus on supporting the skills and understandings needed in the core Year 10 English course.

While students may take this course either in Semester 1 only or in Semester 2 only, in most cases students will take this course for the whole year.