Year 10 Food Studies


The link between food and health is irrefutable. The choices that we make today will form patterns that impact our future wellbeing. Developing the ability to analyse the content of food, combined with the skills to prepare healthy meals, will enable students to have greater control over their health outcomes.

A career in the food industry provides a wide range of pathways to suit many different interests, in fields such as health, product development and the media. This course equips students with industry relevant knowledge and skills, whilst providing an insight into some of the opportunities that are available.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Identify correct safety and hygiene practices in food preparation
  • Interpret design briefs and plan productions that meet specified requirements
  • Analyse dietary patterns and identify their impact upon health outcomes
  • Evaluate different cooking techniques and select methods that maximise the nutritional content of food
  • Work individually and in teams to plan and prepare healthy meals in a safe hygienic manner
  • Explain the impact that different methods of preparation have upon the chemical properties of food


  • Designing with food – covers the design process and how new foods are conceptualised and produced
  • Eating well for the future – examines the relationship between diet and health
  • Indigenous foods & flavours – Explores the traditional diet of Aboriginal culture
  • Global goodies – examines the various influences different cultures have on Australian cuisine


Students will be assessed in both the practical and theory components of the course. During food preparation, assessment is focused upon safety and hygiene, time management, organisation and teamwork. Theoretical understanding will be assessed through review questions and classroom, kitchen and school garden activities. The final assessment is a written examination.