Year 10 English as an Additional Language (EAL)

This course was known as “English as a Second Language (ESL)”, but in line with the Australian Curriculum it will now be known as “EAL”.


This unit is meant for students from non English speaking backgrounds.  Students learn to listen, speak, read and write English to cope with other subjects and also learn to respond to various texts and issues contained in books, magazines, newspapers and other publications.  Students are also introduced to Christian principles and viewpoints in the discussion of the various issues.

Course Objectives

Through a study of appropriate language structures, students achieve an understanding of English language usage, including effective vocabulary and punctuation.  Their writing skills are expanded through writing a variety of pieces.  They develop their reading skills through intensive reading of literature, as well as media texts and by giving appropriate responses including an analysis of persuasive language.  Students develop their speaking skills through involvement in discussions and presentation of various topics.


The course involves the study of three literary texts and some media texts to enhance reading comprehension and text response skills.  It also involves intensive revision of structure and grammar and teaching of writing techniques and vocabulary building to improve their ability to write effectively for different purposes and audiences.  The course also involves the students in a variety of oral activities to enhance their speaking and listening ability.


Students are assessed in four main areas:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Students are required to complete a variety of assessment tasks for each of the categories to be completed in class or at home.  During the year, they will do tests and at the end of each semester, sit an examination.