Year 10 English


Students are involved in a language process which aims to develop their God given abilities to communicate effectively.  This course will enrich their understanding of both literary and media texts and extend written, aural and oral skills.

Course Objectives

Through a study of appropriate language structures, students achieve an understanding of English language usage, including effective vocabulary and punctuation.  Their writing skills are expanded with an emphasis on creative writing, analytical and argumentative essays.  Students develop their speaking skills, particularly formal public speaking through involvement in oral presentations, group work and prepared responses.  By the end of Year 10, they are well prepared for VCE and have a complex knowledge and understanding of literary and literacy processes.


The course involves the study of literary texts including short stories, plays, novels and film.  Students will also study poetry.  They examine media issues and are required to write a response after completing an analysis of the language used in selected media texts.  Ongoing activities are aimed at improving and enriching students’ language skills.  The course is designed to improve their overall confidence as users of English, create a love of literature and prepare them for their VCE studies.


Students are assessed in four main areas:

  • Reading & Responding
  • Writing in Context
  • Effective oral communication
  • Using Language to Persuade

 Students are required to complete a variety of assessments in each of these categories.  Criteria based assessment is used and students are provided with criteria sheets for each formal task.  There is also informal assessment in each of these areas.  Some assessment items are completed in class, while others are required to be completed at home.  Some assessments are handwritten, others are processed using computers