Year 10 Drama


This course will lead students through the world of Drama from its beginning.  It will enable students to develop their creative skills and communicate their experience of the world.  Students will cover a comprehensive overview of drama from the earliest forms, including the study of Greek theatre and Commedia dell’Arte (16th Century Italian Comedy) through to modern non-naturalistic theatre.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Be involved in the production and performance of dramatic pieces.
  • Develop skills and techniques in the areas of acting, directing and design.
  • Critically analyse performances done by themselves and others, using theatre terminology.
  • Understand the historical development of drama through the ages.


  • Students will participate in a wide range of activities including voice production, mime, mask, movement, dance and use of space.
  • Students will study the broad history of drama from Ritual, Greek Theatre through to the modern era of non-naturalism.
  • Students will participate in creating self devised work and performing scripts individually and in groups.


There will be a variety of assessments including written submissions, performance, play reviews and folio entries.  Students are expected to work in a team and have an attitude of commitment during rehearsals and performances.  Assessment takes into account the learning and improvement that students have made during the semester.